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Heading to Squamish for some crack climbing?


Not sure about the logistics but haven’t got hours to spend researching?


Save yourself the time and effort of researching online and buy this Travel Companion for Squamish. Squamish is a world famous destination for climbing and is an incredible place. There are of course good guidebooks for the climbing but you also need to know some of the logistics about the area. This e-book is based on information gathered online and in country.


The Squamish e-book is aimed at climbers who are not local and are not familiar with the geography of the area. It provides information about accommodation, buses, car hire, surrounding areas and other activities as well as a comprehensive overview of the crags and what the climbing is like.


This e-book is not a substitute for a guidebook but it will give you valuable information and insight into climbing in Squamish. This can be very handy if you have not yet forked out for the Squamish guidebook.

Download Climb Picos de Europa


      The e-book covers topics like:


· Best guide books to buy

· An interactive map for different crags

· Concise summary of routes/crags in each area

· Specific details for each crag including grades

· Why to go to Squamish including climate

· Current advice on Bears in Canada

· Accommodation including camping and hostels

· Online links to useful web sites about Squamish

· Links to other reviews about Squamish

· Up to date transport details including flights, buses, car hire


Why to buy this E-book?


The author spent six weeks this summer in and around Squamish and knows that the information in the guidebooks and online does not make for an easy hassle free trip. Sometimes you need a little insiders knowledge to help things run smoothly.


This e-book provides you with 28 pages worth of this knowledge from a travellers point of view. So the questions you will start asking when planning your trip are all answered in this e-book.


BUY IT NOW and save yourself hours!


Climbing in Squamish